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Lombok              Retreat
17 - 23 October, 2024


Welcome to "Lombok Magic" an immersive retreat nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Lombok, Indonesia. Here we invite you on a transformative journey that goes beyond the physical postures of yoga. This retreat is a sacred experience for centering stillness, rediscovering your joy, and experiencing the magic of Lombok's unique culture, land and its people.

17 - 23 October, 2024
in Lombok, Indonesia


Are you ready for a soulful adventure?


The Location: Ekas, Lombok

Lombok is not just a destination. it's a living canvas that hold stories of the past, celebrates the present, and invites you towards a future aligned with nature. Nestled along the off-beaten track near a humble local village, guests will find a blend of blend of traditional Lombok spirit and coastal charm.


The resort is perched on 50 m high cliffs above a beautiful bay  - where guest will wake up to sweeping views of the bay and surf break. Our private eco-resort is near renowned beaches, wild landscapes, monkey friends, and the majestic Indian Ocean.


The Yoga

Elevate your practice with daily Sound On Yoga sessions, thoughtfully curated to empower the body through movement and soulful music. Our ocean-view yoga shala is a sanctuary for self-discovery, where each breath leads you closer to your authentic self. Each guest will be offered a 45 massage every second day, to further indulge in deep self-care during the week.

What you can expect.. soulful yoga morning guided practices with liberating movement so you can breathe and move intuitively, gracefully, powerfully... In this sacred space, you'll explore your inner landscape as well, acknowledging the layers of your own past, experiencing the fullness of the present, and envisioning a future aligned with your truest self. 

P.s. Monkey's also like to join us here for sunrise meditations!


What's included in your retreat

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Accommodations + Pricing

Early Sign up through June 31! Use code NOW for €150 savings

Prices are per person and include all listed activities, 3 meals per day, massages, and daily yoga • Each room includes private ensuite bathroom • Price includes all transport to and from Lombok airport or hotel.


The Indian Ocean is the star of the show at this retreat — most villas offer full or partial ocean views, and each comes with air conditioning and a balcony - ideal for taking in the fresh ocean breeze and scents of Lombok or admiring the colourful sunrise.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me (Molly) with questions:

Molly Henderson

Tom Callens

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Ocean View Villa

fan & natural breeze


Surf View Villas

Air conditioned


Yoga Rooftop Magic

fan & natural breeze


Garden View Villas

air conditioned


Traditional Lombok Villa

fan & natural breeze

Pay in full or 4 installments:

€500 deposit due at booking, then 4 equal payments that add up to the balance in june, july and final payment in september.

Meet Your Retreat Leaders


SoundOnYoga teacher,

ex-dancer + surf enthusiast (Australian)

Retreat facilitator, surf guide

Molly is an Australian born and bred yoga teacher based in Belgium, and studio owner who believes in yoga as a transformational tool for introspection, creativity, and connecting with your whole self - messiness and all. A passionate surfer, she shares the benefits of yoga to surfers to move fluid and feel good in and out of the water.

Molly has traveled to over 30 countries and loves to be immersed in different cultures, and expanding comfort zones. She has gained experience and awareness of the body, healing movement, and connection with music as an artist and performer of ballet, contemporary dance, having studied dance since 9 years of age, completing a Degree of Fine Arts in Dance Performance (London).


With over a decade of touring internationally as a performing artist, along with teaching yoga since 2016, Molly is passionate about sharing her knowledge and wisdom with others, resulting in classes that offer deep rhythmic yoga flows that are both mindful and healthy on the body, liberating and powerful for the soul. She also owns and operates Sound On Yoga outdoor Studio in Belgium!

In classes, Molly will invite you to dive deep into serious self-inquiry while also being immersed in big laughs and awkward dad jokes. Move in ways you may have never moved before, breathe in ways that feel damn good. Connect breath, body, and soul with the powerful elements of nature and awaken to the wonder and awe of being alive and embodied!

Tom is not your average surf and adventure enthusiast; he's a passionate surfer, a world traveler with a PhD in Biology, and brings an energy that warms your soul from winter. Originally hailing from the beautiful country of Belgium, Tom has a unique blend of talents and experiences that make him the perfect host for your next adventure.

Tom's love for nature and adventure is deeply rooted in his extensive travels. Having explored over 28 countries, he's had the opportunity to experience a wide array of cultures, landscapes, and exciting adventures. This global perspective, along with his background in biology, allows him to provide a unique and holistic approach to your retreat experience.

Are you curious to learn to surf but a little nervous? Whether it's riding big waves or smaller 'fun ones,' Tom is your go-to expert. He's spent countless hours on the water, mastering the art of wave-riding, surf-etiquette and respecting the locals for maximum good-times.


Fun fact: Tom is also a trained nurse! With years of experience in tending specifically to surf injuries on travels, you can relax and feel safe on our SOY Retreat Adventures, knowing you'll be taken care of for any minor bumps or scratches when learning to surf.

As your retreat driver, Tom is not just a guide but a true companion on our journey. His knowledge of Lanzarote (over 10 years) the best spots for Beach Yoga and wind forecasts, coupled with his warm and friendly personality, will make you feel like Lanzarote is a home away from home.

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